About Everything Monthly

About Everything Monthly

  R. L. McDonald

Everything Monthly is a division of McDonald Hospitality Group. We are a Florida corporation that was born out of a true need for those interested in “Special” Niche publications.

MHG recognized that many small publications were closing their doors because of the high cost of ink, paper and transportation.

I am sure many of you have noticed that specialty print magazines such as: Kit Car, ID, National Geographic Adventure, Metropolitan Home, Gourmet, Conde Nast, Cookie, Vibe, Travel and Leisure Golf and hundreds of others, no longer grace the newsstands.

At MHG, we have taken those specialty titles and turned them into Niche Market, Special Interest, Hobby and Sports and Monthly Electronic Magazine formats (E Zines).

Now, the information that entertained and informed so many, is once again available on line — and improved with the added element that, anything you see that you would like more information on, is just a “Click” away.

We are also able to add video clips, video libraries so you can find that information whenever you want and true interaction between you the consumer and the advertisers that want to involve you in their product offerings.

Joint Venture Project

There are so many subjects that warrant real coverage, and so few available, on line resources in many of these special areas of interest.

We are offering a special “JV Project” program to qualified web master who wish to tap into those lucrative markets. Our joint venture programs each have a minimum of “5” potential income streams to develop them into money machines.

This program can benefit individual developers with a special interest in a specific subject as well as a well-organized group that can handle a block of related domains with tremendous income and linking potential.

Groups that are as small as five diving related sites (SCUBA Diving, Skin Diving, Free Diving, Kraken Diving, Scuba Divers Wholesale) to medium size groups like Weapons, consisting of 18 related sites (Assault Weapons, Shotguns, Pistols, Rifles, Black Powder, Military Weapons, Concealed Weapons, etc.) and Major Groups such as The Martial Arts network with over 50 sites of every Martial Art in the World and the Pet network with all 156 AKC Breeds, All American Cat Fancier Breeds and All Horse, Reptile, Birds, Aquarium Fish and Exotic Pets.

We have domains for any interest no matter how obscure from Model Trains to Coin Collecting. From Chess to ATVs.

Contact us with your interests and your abilities. Let’s see what we can build together.

Your Own Magazine

  • Have you ever wanted to operate your own magazine, create your own special interest web site, or open an E commerce store selling whatever you are interested in?
  • Were you frustrated because all the good domain names were taken or not offered for sale?
  • Not sure how to begin, or move forward with your plan to work in your favorite subject matter?
  • This is your solution to all those questions and more.

Well, that is what our program was designed for. At MHG Publishing you can buy that domain or JV that domain with us.

We have access to thousands and thousands of domains on all type of subject matter. All you need to do is fill out the Contact Us form.

Tell us your interest (i.e: Knitting, Baseball, Paddleboarding, Cooking, Hiking, etc.) and if you are interested in a purchase of a domain, or learning more about our JV program.

To participate in our JV program, you must be able to manage a WordPress web site, and maintain the articles.

Our team can provide the domain, set up the template and start it off for you. You will share ALL the revenue generated by the site, while enjoying the pursuit of one of your favorite subjects or hobbies.

We welcome you to become a part of the MHG Publishing family and grow with the changes that are coming to the publishing industry.


R. L. McDonald, Publisher

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